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Meet Our Pain Management Doctors

Eduardo M. Fraifeld, M.D.Eduardo Fraifeld

Dr. Fraifeld is a distinguished, nationally recognized leader in the field of Pain Medicine with over 21 years experience in his field.

J. Adam Dailey, M.D.Adam Dailey

With an exceptional reputation for patient care, Dr. Dailey is committed to combining core family values with his experience to provide treatment unique to each individual.

Treatment Goals & Plan

Manage Your PainOur treatment goals:

  1. Reducing patients pain and suffering
  2. Using the best Evidence Based Medical treatments
  3. Increasing patients functional capacity and ability to return to work
  4. Reducing or eliminate medication intake
  5. Teaching patients to cope with their residual pain
  6. Reduce psychiatric or psychological impairment
  7. Decrease patient’s usage of medical resources (emergency room, doctor visits, consultations, etc.)
  8. Reduce your expenses by eliminating unnecessary treatments

Clinical Plan

  1. Obtaining an initial consultation with a thorough review of pain history end treatment and the formulating a treatment plan
  2. Medication management with a goal to eliminate or decrease narcotics, sedatives and the addictive medications
  3. Increasing physical work capacity by design and encouragement of self-controlled exercise program and as needed referral for specific physical therapy
  4. Selective use only of nerve blocks or interventional procedures; for both diagnostic identification of specific pain syndrome, and as therapeutic for breaking of pain cycle.
  5. Where needed management of appropriate consultations for diagnostic or therapeutic treatment in other specialties
  6. Where needed, referral to alternative treatment modalities for patients who continue to fail treatment.
  7. Identification and referral for treatment of psychiatric conditions and psychosocial stressors exacerbating pain states

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